Trust! Believe! Hope!

Caitlyn I looked up the baby’s name: 

Aurelia means “Golden”, “Proud” , “Golden-Haired”, “Fortunate”

- Latin origin

- it is 7 letters and 4 syllables

The name was common in ancient Roman Times 

 there is a St. Aurelia (feast day- October 15th) She was a princess

Caitlyn and Mark’s baby girl has touched so many lives, without breathing one ounce of air.  She has given hope to so many, helped others find their way, given strength and faith to still others, helped others to find themselves.  

Aurelia in her 20+ weeks has done so much and touched so many in profound ways I am in awe. 

Caitlyn and Mark may not get the opportunity to hold their child in their arms, but she will forever be in their hearts and minds. 

Aurelia knows her Dad through all the stories Caitlyn shared with her, she knows her Dad’s piano fingers and Music they both enjoy. Caitlyn has talked lovingly  with compassion and hope to their daughter, She knows her Dad’s a Geek of the Computer Kind. That he is loving and caring, Caitlyn  told their daughter of how he saved her (Caitlyn’s) life not once but several times. How he would stay with her,  hold her in his arms when she was sick, humming and drumming fingers, these are things that soothed Caitlyn through this ordeal. When Caitlyn speaks of Aurelia’s Dad to her it is always with love, (unconditional Love for Him) - should this little girl be born she already knows her Dad and that she is very loved. Aurelia knows her Mom through her touch and loving words she speaks to her.. Caitlyn became more private in her Photos she took of her self.  Her Pregnancy changed how much of her self she wanted to share.

Over these Months I have witnessed My  Youngest Daughter change from a teenager to a Loving and Caring Mother…Even in the wake of devastating news Caitlyn continues to embrace their daughter and show her she is not alone…..

We pray for a miracle—— Doctor’s aren’t hopeful. They link what is happening to the baby to the intense stress and personal pain Cailtyn went through at the beginning of the pregnancy….which lead to depression, high blood pressure, spikes and drops in blood sugar levels —-> these in turn caused damage to the delicate cells developing in the baby’s brain and other critical organs. She stopped growing most likely  in March and wasn’t picked up… It is her strength that has kept her a live till now…

If anything can be taken away from this tragedy it’s that life is precious; and a new life should be embraced and cherished for it is a gift from God…

Aurelia’s parents are going to need support to get through the loss of their child, under normal circumstances they could try to deliver her, but the fact she isn’t growing leads to questions of deformed organs and birth deficits.   All this was caused by unnecessary stress.

I have been told that the loss they will feel  is as devastating as that experienced by parents  who deliver a stillborn.  They will need to support each other for they share the parental bond with this child and no one but them will be able to understand the grief that they will go through and feel over the loss of their child. Mark and Caitlyn became parents the day they created Aurelia, they need to be their for each other at this time as well. She is real she had a heartbeat, her little arms and legs moved - Caitlyn got to see her during the ultrasound she lived even a short life as hers is.. Aurelia is their Little Angel she will watch over her parents, she will be in their hearts and minds until the day God allows her to come back to them..

May Mark and Caitlyn not let their daughter’s short life go silently into the night but have a positive impact on their lives as she has had on others. May they find strength in the wake of her physical loss and forgive each other and move forward, and find the friendship and love they have shared with each other for over 6 years.

I love and cherish both of you. I have never stopped caring or worrying about either of you. You both mean the world to me and Aurelia is and  will always be my first grandchild. I have cried so many tears for the three of you and have prayed everyday for a miracle.

I am always here for both of you, a phone, text or email away.

With Love Always

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